Hello 👋 My name is Marcus Tisäter and I work as a front-end developer for happiness.se building websites in Drupal and WordPress for well known names like Svenska Akademien, Arvsfonden, Socialstyrelsen, Swerea, Wallenberg, Handelskammaren and many more. My biggest passion is CSS, I strive to master it as most developers gets frustrated when it comes to writing it. I focus on writing semantic markup with a11y(accessibility) in mind, I do a lot of script tooling such as gulp and webpack, also been working with MVCs like React and Vue.

I help organize WordPress meetups in Stockholm every month and the yearly WordCamp with great folks. I also help maintain the official WordPress language installation at sv.wordpress.org and wpsv.se.

I have a big heart for open source as I am contributing to projects to help out. My latest contributed project was postcss were I worked closely with Andrey Sitnik, Max Stobier and many more developers to create postcss.org.

Besides coding, I strive to be as athletic as I can be by doing MMA. I also have a two year old bernese mountain dog… that eats a lot of food.

But maybe you are just here to find out what I know? 😅 HTML, CSS (post- and pre processors), Javascript, React, Vue, Gulp, Grunt, Webpack, ES6, Scrum, SQL, Drupal, WordPress and Twig. I also design in Sketch whenever I find time.